Carpet is an excellent option for your home

Carpet is a fantastic choice for flooring almost any room in your home, with beauty, performance, and a reasonable lifespan. If you've never experienced it for yourself, it makes sense that you would want to know more about it since it is the only soft surface flooring covering available. Here are some brief facts that could help you understand the product line better to make the best flooring decision for your home.

Carpet can change a room

Since carpeting is in a class all by itself, things change when you install the flooring. Nothing is as soft, luxurious, or comfortable underfoot, making this a perfect installation in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and living rooms. The surface of these floors even works to aid those with mobility issues, helping to alleviate slipping and falling in the most common places.

Carpet has always been known for impressive benefits such as noise reduction and heat retention. Still, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, you'll now be able to enjoy more benefits than ever before. Built-in stain protection and hypoallergenic fibers are impressive character traits you can enjoy as long as these floors are in place. Be sure to let your flooring associate know if these are features that matter to you and your household.

A professional carpet installation is the best way to protect this investment, as it usually is with any floor covering. Our teams are trained, experienced, and well-equipped for a quick and easy procedure. We'll share details about what the service includes, what you can expect, and how long it will likely take, so visit us today to find out more about getting your installation underway right away.

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We specialize in carpet flooring

When you need a reputable carpet store in Avon, CO, Maverick Flooring is a great place to start, with a well-stocked inventory of floor coverings. We also employ trained and experienced staff members who are happy to work alongside you in your remodel. We’ll work to find out all about your requirements and meet them at every turn.

If you are a resident of Avon, CO, Vail, CO, Edwards, CO, Eagle, CO, or Gypsum, CO, we invite you to visit us at our Avon, CO showroom. You’ll be able to browse our extensive inventory and work with us to customize your flooring your way. To learn even more about carpets and carpet installation, visit us when you’re in the area.