Rubber flooring in Avon, CO from Maverick Flooring

Where is the best place to use rubber flooring?

Rubber flooring is a specialty floor covering that is designed to create the perfect surface in specific locations. It’s padded, incredibly resilient, and offers benefits that are more versatile than you might think, so take the time to read along with us for more information.

The best gym flooring is rubber

Rubber gym flooring is one of the best ways to create a comfortable, functional, and safe space, offering outstanding characteristics. It doesn't conduct electricity, resists mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, and provides slip resistance under any circumstances.

In tile form, these options are perfect for trailers and toy haulers, play areas, and home gyms, while rubber mats are a great addition to horse stalls, specific gym areas, and more. Roll form offers a more extensive, seamless installation that can be easily installed over existing floors in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and so much more.

Visual appeal is one of the best features of rubbing flooring, with bright, fun colors, wood-look options, and extensive designs you can take advantage of in spaces where it’s most needed. To see them in person and decide for your use, visit us at any time.

We offer rubber matting and flooring where you need it

At Maverick Flooring, we’re proud to provide floor coverings that genuinely serve the needs of our customers, and rubber flooring is a perfect example of our ability. Our associates are trained, experienced, and ready to work with you toward any goal you have in place.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Avon, CO, where you’ll find we serve residents from Avon, Vail, Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum, CO. When you’re ready to choose rubber matting or flooring for your most important spaces, we’ve got just what you need, complete with all the best services.