Three flooring colors that are trending

Three flooring colors that are trending

Very light and dark colors are 'in' today, and traditional medium shades are always found in the marketplace. So when you shop at Maverick Flooring in Avon, CO, you'll find a wide variety of styles in colors throughout the color spectrum.

In addition, our flooring company provides a lifetime guarantee on installation when we lay new floors in your home.


Gray is the new beige or, in other words, homeowners' current favorite neutral color. The best thing about this color is that so many shades vary from light hues like clouds to dark hues like charcoal.

Blue, a classic color also found in light, and dark shades are an ideal alternative to gray since it complements any decorating style.

Earthy colors

Once again, homeowners have many options when deciding on new floors with earthy or natural colors suitable for their room decor. Subtle shades of green, brown, red, and yellow are standard, and so is greige, or a mixture of gray and beige.

Greige is available in a large selection of shades, which provide earthy appeal for those who like a natural look.


New floors that are white or have white undertones promote a 'clean' look and brighten the room. A whitewashed or bleached hardwood floor works exceptionally well with contemporary decor in a room with ample natural light.

A white bathroom floor can feature elegant large format tiles, square tiles intensified with colored grout, or octagon tiles enhanced by colorful mosaic tiles.

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